An Interview to the First Time Trekkers of Mt. Agad-Agad

Everyone has its own unique perspective of life. Though people tend to do the same exact thing, but the mindset is powerful enough to focus on an angle that makes each experience different. For example, when doing a homework, students are given the same exact tasks but how they perceive it differs. Some would murmur because of another to-do while some would be happy because they get to enhance or learn something from their homework.

This goes the same as we had our trekking adventure to Iligan City’s lone mountain for trekking – Mt. Agad-Agad. We were four that time (excluding the guide) with different backgrounds, likes, and dislikes, interests, and perspective in life. However, we were connected by one goal – to reach the top of Mt. Agad-Agad (or was it only me because I convinced them to go with me Hahaha!) Take note, they are absolutely not trekkers and it’s their first time!

I asked few questions to the squad about the experience, but first, let me shortly introduce them.

Nel Kristi Cabuga


A Guidance Staff of Iligan Medical Center College. A close friend of my cousin who lately become our friend. I convinced her to climb Agad-Agad at the 11th hour. Glad she came.

Johari Ali


Kuya Johari is a husband of my cousin, Sheena Ali. He is a law student of the prominent MSU-IIT. He was the one I approached first when I planned to climb Agad-Agad. Luckily, he agreed to join!

Jan Erick Floralde


He is my cousin, one of the closest not only because we’re of the same name but with different spelling but we share almost the same interests – mga IT eh haha. He is a biker and he never tried trekking before. He is one of the founders of Senarysoft, Inc., a software development company based in Manila.

Surely they have different backgrounds and completely different fields. Let’s see how they see trekking in Mt. Agad-Agad. Without further ado, here are my questions and their answers.

1. How was the overall experience?

Nel: It was exhausting but completely fun and worth it.

Johari: The over-all experience was incredibly challenging and yet so nice. At first, I was wary thinking that the trails were slippery and wet but fortunately for us, it wasn’t really muddy out there. Though it was very tiring, it’s so worth it to be that close to Mother Nature. I was very overwhelmed to see the city from afar 😀

Mt. Agad-Agad

Jan-jan: One word. Tiring. I am more of a biker than a fighter, whaaat? I’ve never felt this tired when going on bike trails. Like biking, it will take you hours going up a hill or mountain but will only take you minutes when going back. I think I was more afraid on the way back because there are moments where you need to run and hug a tree to stop (a skill taught by my cousin). But like any challenges, after you’ve conquered it, felt very satisfying.

2. How was the trekking adventure?

Nel: Since I am a first timer, I would say it was not an easy one. The steepness of the mountain made it quite challenging to climb and even more challenging when going down. I even slid off twice.

Johari: The trekking adventure was, to be honest, very difficult. Hahaha! I felt I was gonna backflip every time we encountered those cruel 70-degree slopes. I had growing pains both inside and outside of my body, felt like my nerves were gonna crack. Lol! But thank GOD my left knee (ACL injured) did very well, I survived! Woohoo!

Jan-jan: For a newbie like me, the trek was quite… meh… okay in terms of difficulty. We started our trek a little late. Good thing that the weather was nice, not too hot (thanks to the trees and cool breeze). I was quiet the whole time so I could conserve my energy but I cannot help but laugh from time to time because my silly cousin kept sharing #hugot lines. I was always out of breath so I kept on resting. What’s sad is, you cannot rest for too long because it’s uncomfortable sitting beside a cliff-like terrain. You cannot back out either. You just need to keep on pushing forward.

3. How was Mt. Agad-agad for you?

Nel: Calm and peaceful. It’s perfect when you want to detach yourself for a little while from the city life.

Johari: Mt. Agad-Agad was very beautiful and enchanting. Though it’s only 470 meters high, I felt like I was on the top of the world looking down at the city wondering what those people doing while I’m relaxing, breathing the freshness of the air and enjoying the vividness of Mother Nature. Mt. Agad-Agad is the King of Iligan, the rockstar!

Mt. Agad-Agad

Jan-jan: Mt. Agad-Agad is worth the climb. The mountain was clean and safe for trekkers. The locals are friendly and hospitable. They will accommodate you to the camp site and offer some coffee without asking for too much, just a humble donation. But what I loved the most was looking at Iligan City from the top because not everyone has seen it from that view.

4. Would you like to have for another trek?

Nel: Definitely and maybe staying overnight would be a great idea so we can experience the beauty of sunset and sunrise from the topmost view in the city.

Johari: Of course! Definitely yes, I’ll have another trek, hopefully during our semestral break. Next time I would sleep there, enjoy it overnight. I am hoping though that the rain will not downpour. Hahaha

Jan-jan: Yes, bonding with nature and family means love. Planning for an overnight camping next time.

5. What was the most unforgettable moment you had during the climb?

Nel: As John mentioned in the first part of his blog that “what mattered most was the trail and the experience rather that the view and scenery at the peak”.

I completely agree with John’s statement since during the hike we enjoyed listening to his “hugot”, talking, helping each other climb and most of all during the time when I slid off and no one helped me to stand up but instead they laughed at me (ay si John ra diay tong gikataw-an ko -_-)

Johari: The things I can’t forget are the deep breaths of Janjan and the ninja moves of our tour guide. I wished I could just carry Janjan up and be just as good as the tour guide. Oh and also I can’t believe there’s a coffee shop up there! I really enjoyed the climb I swear.

Janjan: The moment when we arrived at the peak, that first glance on the gate of the camp. The moment you can say “wow, we made it… we can stop walking now.”

It’s great that they had a fun and worthy time when they joined me on the adventure. It’s funny that they had their own struggles while I was making them laugh haha! But without those Hugot lines of mine, the climb would be extremely serious and boring where in fact the aim of this climb is to recreate and have fun!

I’m thankful for Kuya Johari, Jan-jan and Nel for joining me on the climb. Till next time!

Till next time!

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