Snap and Ponder: Sea of Clouds at Osmeña Peak – Appreciate!

Life is indeed amazing; would you want it gone?

This week’s #SnapAndPonder talks about my realizations during our trek to Osmeña Peak where no words could describe how thankful we were for the answered prayer of a lovely weather.

Why do we need to appreciate? Do we have to appreciate?

Appreciation is defined as to recognize the full worth of something or someone. This may be acknowledging someone, something or even one self’s worth.

There is so much to appreciate in this beautiful world. We may not realize it in day-to-day basis but if you pause for a second and listen to what surrounds, you’ll realize. Even the things in life like you are able to wake up in the morning, you are able to successfully go to the office, the safe travels, love of family and friends, and of course the air you breathe in, the water you drink and the life you have. I could not enumerate all because they are that many.

Appreciating someone’s worth could give him/her motivation, smile and a good day. Why? Human nature needs attention, care, and feeling of worthiness. Even how introvert you may be but being recognized always gives a beautiful reaction that you could never forget.
Life is uncertain. People may come and go and chances are limited. Would you wait for that chance to say a simple Thank You when it’s gone? Would you just let that someone go without saying anything of its worth?

Sometimes, people tend to neglect it until it’s gone. For example, your parents raised you up since you were a kid. Children may seem to be shy or “awkward” just to say thank you. Sometimes children get mad at their parents whenever their wants and wishes are not granted. However, when the day arrives and they are gone, all you can do is cry because you were not able to say thank you for all the care and love. It haunts down to our souls and all we can do is remember and live the teachings from them.

What does this have to do with Osmeña Peak?

Mother Earth is a huge being that breathes, cries and eventually dies. Scientifically when the time reaches, heavenly bodies die and Earth is no exception. Face it, Earth’s condition is getting worse. Storms, flood, drought, fiery heat is getting frequent. Abnormal weather condition is always what we experience. Yesterday’s gonna be sunny, today’s gonna show some sea of clouds, tomorrow’s gonna be rainy. We don’t know what might happen, but surely it will reach to its end point.

Seeing the rare Sea of Clouds of Osmeña Peak for the first time makes me appreciate the beauty of nature and how dare we slowly destroy it. We were blessed with a glorious clearing giving us magnificent viewport of nature which I think is rare from the posts and mentions from my friends who’ve been there beforehand. We were lucky to have that and I am so thankful.

I was also happy that locals were maintaining the mountains by planting flowers and fruits to make Osmeña Peak green again. There are also guidelines and reminders for everyone who visit the vicinity to help preserve the grandeur of the environment.

With all these efforts, we can say that people are starting to help the movement to preserve and help. This means people get to APPRECIATE the essence of the clean and green environment and have not waited until the once famous and stunning Osmeña Peak is gone too.

Do you want that? Of course not!

Again, why do we have to appreciate especially nature?

In my opinion, appreciation begins passionately to everything. How would you engage into something, like your hobbies, if you do not appreciate its worth? By appreciating, you tend to be motivated, you tend to take care and love what you cherished.

I think when everyone appreciates, it would be a beautiful harmonious world, isn’t it? If and only if…

Would you appreciate? To whom or to what would you appreciate? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


How to get there?

There are plenty of ways to reach Osmeña Peak. Due to its popularity, agencies and local governments have their own medium for tourists and travelers.

However, the easiest way to reach the marvelous mountains, one may ride a bus from Cebu’s South Bus Terminal and disembark at Poblacion, Dalaguete (town proper). There are numerous motorcycle taxis that are waiting for a ride and you can get one. They can ride you to Mantalongon Market or even at the foot of Mantolongon Ranges, where Osmeña Peak hails.

Another option is to ride a bus at Osaka Terminal, near the University of San Jose Recoletos campus in Carbon, Cebu City. The bus has only one route which is Cebu City to Mantalongon Market and Vice Versa. You can disembark at the Market and ride a motorcycle to the foot of Mantalongon Range which is cheaper.

When you reach the foot, you have to hike for a few meters and to be able to reach the Tourism Office where you have to pay for the Registration Fee. They also inform that there will be a tent fee when you decide to camp. There are also souvenir items like t-shirts and the like.
From the tourism office, it takes only less than 10 minutes to reach the magnificent Osmeña Peak. Tada!


Bus ride from South Bus Terminal – EST P135
Bus ride from Osaka Terminal – EST P100
Motorcycle Taxi from Dalaguete Proper to Mantolongon Market – P75/pax
Dalaguete Proper to Foot of Osmeña Peak – P150/pax
Registration Fee – P30/pax
Tent Fee – P50 per tent

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