Mimar’s Springway Resort: Tiny but Mighty

After the rain has come you’ll see the sun shines, a line taken from the song “It’s gonna make sense” enlightened our family after the loss of our loving grandmother last October 11, 2016. Tears dropped from our eyes as we reminisced our priceless moments with her and learned to smile amidst difficulties. By the way, our Lola doesn’t want us to cry during her funeral but we can’t help it when our hearts were torn off on missing her.

However as the quote says, “Life must go on”, our family gathered around and our bonds are even made tighter. We decided to take a dip at the famous tourists spot in Iligan City, the Timoga Spring Pools, to lighten up our heavy loads. Timoga Spring Pool consists of 4 different resorts with distinct features and amenities. The family decided to go to Mimar’s Springway Resort, the smallest resort among the four.

Why did we choose Mimar’s Springway Resort over the other? Here’s why –

  1. Perfect for Family Gatherings

Since this resort is a bit smaller than the others, this is perfect for family gatherings. Usually, parents are often worried for their children to swim through huge pools and get scared of them being drowned and being lost. In Mimar’s, almost, I said almost, all you can see the possible places your child may go. Less worry for parents 🙂

Another reason is that families can enjoy the accommodations. They have tables and cottages huge enough for families of 10 to 20s and it’s pretty great too!

Also a Filipino favorite, Karaoke Machine is available at the open space where you can sing your heart out together with your family and friends.

  1. Icy Cold Spring Water Pools

Mimar's Springway Pools

Timoga Spring Pools are well-known with its chilling waters that the pools offer. The water source came from the Agus River that also exits to the Tourism Triangle of Iligan City. What I like about the pool is that the waters are always flowing and it’s zero-chlorine. I really enjoy and get excited like a fish every time I swim here even though the chills gets into my bones. Bbbbrrr!

  1. Pool for children and adults

Mimar's Springway Pools

Mimar’s Springway Resort offers three pools of different sizes and depth. 1-2 ft for infants, 3 ft for kiddies and 4-7 ft for adults. The depth are just right for diving, swimming and chilling that is fit for a refreshing stay. Not mentioning the adult pool is an olympic type where a diving board is available for professional swimmers and wanna-bes.

  1. A Mini-Waterfall Stream inside the Resort!

Mimar's Springway Pools

This is one of the main reason why we chose Mimar’s over the other resorts. The waterfall stream just let us enjoy more the resort as it provides more of nature’s touch. The sound of the rushing water rapid and the stunning scenery that is always picture perfect. I advise not to swim and dive because it’s too shallow and rocky. However, you can always sit at the rocks and have some one of-a-kind ice-chill waterfall massage. Ahhh too rejuvenating!

Mimar's Springway Pools

By the way, Mimar’s only has this amenity among the others. 🙂

Mimar's Springway Pools

Above all, amidst the size of Mimar’s Springway Resort, it offers a remarkable experience and amusement for everyone. Thus, this may I call this the “tiny but mighty” resort of Timoga Pools.

There are also good reasons why trying out other resorts in Timoga if you aren’t convinced with my reasons. Like Del Mar’s which is best known with its magnificent 16-ft pool with a super olympic size pool for adults, Holiday’s fun slides perfect for kiddos and some other reasons that boils down to personal preferences. Nevertheless, the pools share the same water source thus gaining the same experience for that icy cold water you will never forget. What matters most is the experience and having fun together may be with you’re barkada or your family.

When you visit Iligan City, make sure you add this to your bucketlist, okay?

Thank you!

How to Get There?

From Iligan City proper, you can ride a jeepney to Buru-un. Tell the driver about your destination and everyone knows where Timoga is due to its popularity.


Entrance Fee – P100/pax (children who pass their height criteria will be free of charge)

Cottage – P400 (good for 10 pax)

Jeepney from City Proper to Timoga – P14/pax

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