Snap and Ponder: Sunrise – Being Yourself

Introducing #SnapAndPonder! It’s been a while since I’m traveling a lot and taking photos were always part of the hobby. This weekly series shows my best photo for the previous week and ponders stories or thoughts I want to share.

To start with, this week’s #SnapAndPonder is a photo of an iconic sunrise taken at Iligan City Public Wet Market last October 17, 2016.

“A new day has dawning giving you another chance to make a difference in the world” – Anonymous

What makes you unique? What makes you different? What makes you special?

Those are some questions I ponder every time I want to bring out my introvert side. These questions are commonly heard, commonly said but were sometimes taken out of context which leads to misunderstanding and conflict. Does it make any sense answering these mind-boggling questions? Will it make a difference when you know the answers? When and how you can realize the answers?

Each of us has its own way of living life with different personalities, different perspective and different mindset. You may not notice but there’s always a difference.

Have you had times that you were understood differently? Have you had times that you were into a conflict that you don’t know what exactly you just did? People in nature create conflicts but it always boils down to deep understanding and respect.

Do you have to adapt to the people you interact just to get along? Do you need to compromise yourself just for the benefit of the others? Well, if you’re selfless enough, you are willing to change and sacrifice your happiness for the people around you.

For me, you don’t have to change yourself just because people dislike your attitude, hates what you do, disperse what you think and criticize every action you make because it’s YOU, it’s YOU that makes you unique, that drives your daily living to the direction of the future you want, that decides what you do and your plans. Each of us has our own dreams and aspirations, would you let it anyone crush them? Of course not! Unless everyone tells you something bad, well, there might be really something wrong! So take the time to realize and weigh everything out. Would it be beneficial? Would it be for the better? Definitely, it should be beneficial and for the better! Do not, DO NOT change for the worse! Don’t waste your life because you are depressed, you are frustrated. Always change for the better – grow and be happy. I know it’s hard but you have to be strong. Optimism and perseverance is the key and motivation is your fuel to the destination where your goals are.

It’s easily said but it’s hardly done. Start with answering those questions above and it will be like a river that flows and reaches to the wide ocean paradise.

Every day is a chance to be yourself and a pool of opportunities to grow and be satisfied in your OWN way. Don’t let haters destroy you, ignore them. Be happy and take the road less traveled on!

What are your thoughts? Comment them down and let’s start a conversation. 🙂

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