7 Picture Perfect Cebu Mountains

Kandungaw Peak

There are definitely numerous summits to climb in Cebu that every trekker has their own objective. Some set goals to achieve all mountains, some set goals for their body to be fit, some just want to have fun and go for an adventure, and some climbs mountains for photos and Instagram. Haha! That’s true – because I’m partially one of them hahaha!

When I trek and go for an adventure, I always make sure that my gadgets are up and my outfit looks great because, in any sec, I ask someone to take a photo of me on a certain view but of course, guide them on the framing because I might end up an Expectation vs Reality shot (been there many times haha). But it’s all worth it! The picture may not be as perfect as what I envisioned, but the uncaptured moments are really what mattered most.I’ve been to several mountains in Cebu and here are my top 7 peaks for picture perfect shots!

  1. Manunggal

The stunning rock formations of the Manunggal Peak gives a knee-trembling scene and exciting experience that will make you feel that you are in a mighty kingdom. The inclined columns and rocks give this vibe of adrenaline and excitement. Its cliffs are scary and dangerous (and you have to be very careful!) but it’s worth the shot.

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  1. Mauyog

The unique brain-like formation will let you say that God’s work is simply amazing. Who would’ve thought and how in the world would the rocks of Mauyog have a formation like that? It’s extraordinary! It’s picturesquely breathtaking!

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  1. Osmeña Peak

The overlooking and awe-spiring view of Osmeña Peak is mainly one of the reasons why it becomes trendy. Not only because of its easiness, it’s due to its magnificent scenery. The adjacent peaks are also part of the big picture that everyone loves to post on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Naupa

Naupa may not have stunning rock formations but it has an astounding 360-degree view and an almost perfect cone hill that even looks like the well-known Windows XP wallpaper. From different viewpoints, anyone can always strike a pose and capture whenever they want and whatever angle with its wide panoramic scenery. The sunrise here too is just simply breathtaking.

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  1. Kandungaw Peak

One of my personal favorite, Kandungaw. The rock formation of a drop zone in Kandungaw makes it picture perfect PLUS the green background of the adjacent mountains and villages. I just can’t say more, it’s beautiful!

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  1. Bocaue Peak

Bocaue is similar to Naupa but what makes it different is that you can see the wide panoramic view of the mountains from this side and the view of the city from the other side. Stunning, the wind gives icy chills and most especially, the peak looks like a muffin because of its shape or am I hungry? Haha!

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  1. Hambubuyog

Hambubuyog offers a significant feel in Batanes. The tall green grass that waves across the mountain, the stunning view from the Tanon Strait and Negros from afar and also, the Divine Mercy Chapel gives a special scenery that is picture-worthy.

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Each summit has its own distinct scenery. There may be similarities but there will always be a difference that makes it unique. Remember that taking pictures savor life intensely every hundredth of a second (taken from pinterest) that will always make you smile and reminisce the perfect moments living behind that memory.

Do you agree with my picks? Comment down if I missed something! 🙂

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