Maria Cristina, Mimbalut and Tinago Falls – Hail to the Iligan’s Tourism Triangle

Iligan City is hailed to be the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” due to the numerous waterfalls’ destination that can be found within the city boundaries. There are a lot of waterfalls that they can be grouped by their locations. Maria Cristina, Mimbalut and Tinago Falls are called the Tourism Triangle of Iligan City as to it positions to each corners of a triangle in Brgy. Buru-un and Brgy. Ditucalan. These water systems belong to one river system, the Agus River.

Three majestic waterfalls forms a triangle. Source: pinaytravelista

We had our vacation at Iligan City and I was thrilled to chase these grand waterfalls that makes Iligan City popular in travel destinations. I was born in Iligan but this was my first time to have an adventure on these top destinations haha!

Maria Cristina Falls

The grandiose twin falls is located at the boundaries of Brgy. Maria Cristina, Ditucalan and Buru-un. It is the most famous landmark of Iligan City because of its hydroelectric power that supplies electricity to the Northern Mindanao. This 320-feet high waterfall will make your jaws dropped in awesomeness. It is the source of Agus VI hydroelectric power plant that is operated by National Power Corporation.

We were lucky to see Maria and Cristina during our visit because most of the day, Cristina is closed to control its harness on generating potentials. It’s like from the stunning photos in Social Science and History books during school days.

NPC also offers a nature park that has a tree top canopy walk, mini zoo, zip lines and other amenities. Unfortunately, we were not able to check out the nature park because we only had limited time for this stop.
To get there, you can ride a jeepney from the city proper and drop at Brgy. Maria Cristina – NPC intersection. There are motorcycle taxis for hire that will bring you to the Nature Park. An entrance fee of P35 per person for adults and P25 for kids.

Mimbalut Falls

This magnificent falls is located at Brgy. Buru-un, Iligan City. Water streams from the top cascades to rocks that gives more of a refreshing shower. This belongs to Iligan Paradise and Eco Park that also offers pools from the waterfalls and attractions like zip lines, ATVs and more. The pools will let you enjoy the chilling waters since Mimbalut itself does not offer a natural pool for swimming. Nonetheless, you can always enjoy the natural reinvigorating massage the waterfall offers.

To get there, you can ride a jeepney to Buru-un from the city proper and drop at the end of the jeepney route. From there, you can ride a tricycle or pedicab to Mimbalut Falls for P10. Entrance Fee of Iligan Paradise and Eco park costs P50 per person.

Tinago Falls

This hidden majestic waterfall is located at the deep ravines of Brgy. Ditucalan, Iligan City. The mighty 240-ft natural creating offers a curtain-like water drops that cascades on your panoramic view. It offers an icy cold wide pool that will let you enjoy the rejuvenating waters. It also has rocks for climbing to have a YOLO cliff jump.

tinago falls
YOLO jump! Photo by : Dan Garcia

We did climb to a point and it was a struggle! The water showers to your face and the rocks are slippery. When we reached a small plain, it’s jumping time! Woohoo!

It also offers a waterfall rafting for only P25 per person that will give a glorious massage therapy from the falls.

Water Raft! Photo by: Dan Garcia

To get there, you can take the route to Mimbalut Falls as described above. From there, you can either ride a tricycle or a pedicab to Linamon proper. By the way! Try out Linamon’s Buko Pies! They’re simply one of the best I ever taster! *nom-nom*! When you reach the Linamon Proper, you can hire a motorcycle taxi for P50 per person to Tinago Falls jump off. An entrance fee of P50 per person should be paid inclusive of life vest/floaters. After that, you then have to hike to a descending steep 200-foot stairs until reaching the grandeur of Tinago Falls.

This shows that the Tourism Triangle is rich on natural resources that has the biggest potential of growing for a booming economy. Glad that the local government is doing its job to protect and preserve the natural beauty of these gems that will reach the succeeding generations.

There are stunning waterfalls that are not part of the Tourism Triangle but are worth the visit, like Dodiongan Falls and Limunsundan Falls which I plan to visit on my next vacation. Yay! I’m beyond excited!

How about you? When will you visit Iligan’s Tourism Triangle?

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