Bonbon Caves – Why Spelunking is A-Must Experience

Spelunking is one of the most dangerous and SCARY types of adventure. Why? Simply because you get to walk and crawl through shallow and wide, DARK passageways with unique and harmful stalactite and stalagmite courses. Sometimes the passage is either muddy, slimy or rocky but one thing’s for sure, you’ll get dirty, wet and exhausted. Sometimes you need to swim and even jump to get through the next walkable path. This is why spelunking requires brave soul and proper equipment to keep you safe. But! How can you be proud of yourself conquering those death-defying and daredevil adventure? That’s beyond fulfilling and fun that you were able to triumph over yourself!

The #AdventureGrammers (@vivomigsgee (check out his blog too!), @roycats, @iamjumper, @count_gabz, @neverbeendan and myself) had our fearless 3-hour spelunking at Cebu City’s Cave Connection in Bonbon. This consists of three linking caves namely – Binuthan, Satuhan and Pangasag Cave. What I love about these caves is that they are not commercialized thus it possesses the raw beauty of nature. Since it is not commercialized, guides are the locals and no proper safety gears are available. It’s surely an extreme adventure. Satuhan Cave by the way, has a chapel inside the cave.

AT LEAST once in your life, you got to try spelunking and here’s why:

  1. Appreciate and See the Beauty of Caves

Spelunking is defined as the general term for exploration of caves. Therefore, we can see and appreciate from our naked eyes the beautiful and stunning formations of stalagmites and stalactites. The unique and jaw-dropping exquisiteness of the limestones, rocks, and the cold spring water. You can say that even though caves get impressions of being creepy and dangerous because of its dark and its shallow passage, nature has its own way that turns that fear to gratitude.

  1. Experience something that tests your brave soul

Swimming, crawling and hiking through different types of dark passageways with a single headlamp as your source of light is something that really tests yourself. The gloomy and the feeling of isolation gets through your bones that you want to stop. But there’s no turning back! You have to be courageous to push through. In this times, your friends really are (or should be) supportive because they can cheer you up to endure and go on. Claustrophobic? Well, that’s another topic to discuss or let’s call for a Psychologist to cheer you up 🙂

  1. Get stinky and get dirty

Who would have not get stinky and get dirty when you have to walk through the knee-high mud just to push through? Or hike and swim for hours and sweat the heck out? But amidst of getting stinky and getting dirty, what is most important is you had fun! Didn’t you?

  1. Adrenaline pumping adventure

There’s this one part of Pangasag Cave where you have to jump in a shallow area but the waters are deep. I could not forget this death-defying experience. Haha! My adrenaline was like pumping and rushing throughout my terrified veins and urged saying in my brain – “Oh c’mon! Can’t the exit just be few meters away so we can finish this?” but we were still half-way! Ironically, I like the sensation of adrenaline forcing throughout my body and gets thrilled to the outside. Do you feel the same way too?

  1. Different sense of achievement

Conquering yourself through this kind of adventure is exceptional. It differs with what you feel from attaining summits or even snorkeling and having sardines run. Trekking could be easy and slow pacing that you can have longer rests amidst trails. Snorkeling could be tranquil because the gears are there to aid you. But, spelunking could be a combination of hiking and swimming (of course without snorkeling gears HAHA) that you have to add up spices of courage and attention with flavors of amusement and exhilarating scenery amidst gloomy and creepy surroundings. You can’t also rest for too long inside the cave because it feels isolating and the air is thinner. It’s a fatal challenge that when you defeat it comes to an unexplainable triumph!

Certainly, spelunking is deadly, adrenaline-pumping, exhausting, challenging, smudging and whatever-you-name-it! Nonetheless, it’s a type of adventure that is not that trendy, especially in Cebu City, and not all can go through. Mostly, people chose trekking over spelunking for the reason of the nature of its activity. One should be physically fit and brave enough to push through. But with proper headgear and guidance, I think everyone can enjoy this undertaking. You don’t have to be reckless (like us) to test your limits or conquer yourself because we don’t know what might happen. You also get to explore more and be gratified the amazing wonders of nature. Definitely, one of a kind and a must-try! What matters most is that you enjoyed it and you are more that proud of yourself of attaining that achievement!


How to Get There?

Bonbon Cave Connection is located at Bonbon, Cebu City. It’s a 30-minute drive from the city and it is near from Brgy. Busay and Brgy. Sirao.

You may contact Manong Philippe for Guiding and Transportation services at 0943-399-4386. He usually gets motorcycle taxis from JY Square Lahug to the drop off in Bonbon.


Motorcycle Taxi Fare – P75/pax

Guide Fee – P120/pax (Prices may vary depends on your negotiation)

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