7 Reasons Why It is So Good to Join Mountain Clean Ups

Mountain Cleanup

Many people tend to not join clean ups because it would be exhausting and messy. In addition to that is the challenge of picking up the trash along trails in the mountains, may it be a river, uphill and downhill terrain or established trail. Indeed, one should expect more of that. Lol!

Last September 17, 2016 was the National Cleanup Day and at the same time the International Cleanup Day being pioneered by the prominent club civic group “ Let’s do It! World” which began in Estonia in 2008 when 50,000 people gathered to clean up the entire country and 10,000 tons of illegal waste in just one day. From that movement, the Philippines was inspired, joined the cause and initiated our very own “Let’s do It! Philippines”. It was joined by numerous civic groups, clubs, schools and even LGU’s on different parts of the country and of the world. We, the NCR Trekkers Club, also joined this amazing cause.

After the strenuous yet heart-warming activity, I came to ponder important key points on why it is so good to join mountain cleanups.

  1. Join an amazing cause!

What could be more inspiring and rewarding than joining this cause to help clean up Mother Earth and see that the mountains are gradually getting restored and not staying and facing the computer and mobile phones within the four corners of your room? Isn’t it amazing? Cleanups are one good move to help replenish the once damaged Mother Earth.

  1. Have another awesome adventure!

A mountain cleanup would not be possible without trekking! And you know how much I love trekking haha! It would be not just cleaning up but it would be another amazing heart pumping and knee trembling adventure!

  1. Get fit!

With the heart pumping and knee trembling adventure comes with sweating the heck out! Like how many calories per hour will you burn when you trek? 300? 400? 500? Lol! You’re not just helping Mother Earth, you’re also helping yourself getting fit!

  1. Enjoy the company

Joining mountain cleanup activities are usually organized by clubs. It is rare to do this kind of activity when your solo hiking, there might be some, but I haven’t encountered yet. Lol. Trekking clubs consist of diverse members uniting with a cause, altogether. Pretty sure it would be fun because you get to talk and play with other members and of course, share the hardships of the trail and attaining achievement altogether. Char. Haha! It might sound cheesy, but experience differs with the company.


  1. Get to know the environmental status

Joining this cause would help you get to know more of what is really happening with the environment. We get to see global warming, climate change, ozone layer depletion, etcetera etcetera on TV but it would be more valuable if you would personally feel it. Along the journey, you will see numerous trash, plastics being left anywhere by irresponsible people. You will see rivers that are drying and mountains getting deforested. I am no God to solve these issues, but we, as humans, can help preserve what we have and hopefully restore what we had.

  1. Spread #LeaveNoTrace Principle

Along with this cause is to spread this important rule to everyone who desires to go to the mountains, rivers and any form of Nature, the #LeaveNoTrace principle. This principle is the best analogy of “Prevention is better than cure”. Cleanup Drives are some of the cure, #LNT is the prevention.

  1. Help Mother Earth!

The main purpose of this one of a kind activity is to help the crying Mother Earth from irresponsible humans that do not care for its own home. By this, hand-in-hand, and gradually, we will be able to restore the beauty of our home.

Let me ask you. Do you want your future homes to be drastically unpleasant, without the refreshing green and pleasant blue of our loving planet? Do you want to live in a very polluted place where there is no enough oxygen to breathe in?

Mother Earth has been crying for a long time, what should we do? What should YOU do?

P.S. All happened at Usmad Banlot River, Usmad, Argao traversed to Coal Mountain Resort, Linut-od, Argao. Special thanks to the Tourism Office of Argao and Coal Mountain Resort for the warmest accommodation and support for this great cause. Also to the organizers of this activity, big props for the job well done!

Let’s do it Philippines website: www.letsdoitphilippines.com

Facebook fan page: https://facebook.com/letsdoitphilippines

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