Recreational Day Hike to Mt. Kan-Irag

Sirao Peak

Always, always the best way (for me) to distress is to embark for an adventure, sweating it out, laughing out loud (with friends of course!) and feeling with the forces of nature.

Mt. Kan-Irag is one of the best and nearest adventure place in Cebu City. It is situated in Brgy. Sirao and usually, daredevils take Brgy. Budlaan trail. Both places belongs to Cebu City. The trek usually takes 3 hours and composed of a river and terrain trek. If you don’t want to trek this long, there’s a shorter trail described from my previous post.

By marching to the rhythm of a different drum, we turned to Malubog trail after the river trek, the New Zealandish paradise amidst highlands which is not the usual.



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Corner Sunny Hills Subdivision, Talamban, Cebu City

We started the trek at 12 noon because of some tardy circumstances. We then took a motorcycle taxi from Talamban Proper (corner of Sunny Hills Subdivision) to Sitio Baugo in Brgy. Budlaan for around 15 minutes. Most drivers knew Budlaan since it is notably known as jump-off to Sirao Peak.


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Sitio Baugo, Brgy. Budlaan, Cebu City

 We refreshed up a bit when we bought an ice cold soda at one sari-sari store at the jump off at Budlaan. After that we were on the move to this recreational day hike.

This time, I was the head, in contrast to last trek being the sweeper. After few moments, we arrived to rocky boulders of Budlaan river system going up to Tinisik-uwang Falls, also known as Budlaan Falls.



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Are you ready to jump?

 Bringing out our inner-ninjas, we were jumping from rocks to rocks and were cautious not fall to the chocolate-like waters of the river under the heat of the sun. We were challenged by the boulder’s features. There were big and tiny rocks and they were really hot that time (because of the fiery heat of the sun). There were also steep rocks that would require you to climb up with your bare hands. I think it’s more fun to leap from rocks because it’s like you’re a kid playing around a playground jungle.


Tinisik-uwang Falls, also known as Budlaan Falls.

We took our sumptuous lunch and a power nap at the riverbank atop Tinisik-uwang Falls.



 It was around 2:30 PM that we resumed the trek. Take note, we need to double time so that we can reach Sirao Peak around 4 or 5 or at least catch the sunset. The trail is covered with thick and shady bush but it is enough for you to sweat the heck out and I would compare it to Babag Trail, but 1 level down.


NEW ZEALAND at Cebu City!

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New Zealand? No – it’s in Cebu City!

 After an hour of that vigorous trek, we finally reached to a New Zealandish paradise. It was a vast field rolling over until the end of my eye sight with cows and locals playing around. This is known to be the old golf course that can be seen when you are at Sirao Peak, notably with the lake as the landmark. The scenery is so blissful that we forgot the weariness from that earlier trek. We also took the time to take photos (of course) and interacted with the local kids.

After that revitalizing moment, we resumed our trek to Sirao Peak.



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Foot of Mt. Kan-Irag. Woot! Storm is raging out there.

We went back on track to the usual trail from Budlaan to Sirao peak where you will go through forest-like trail. The foot of Sirao offers a big opening view of the city and neighboring mountains. That time, we could see the storm raging down at our front while ours was not, but we were sure that it would rain at our place so we rushed and went up until the infamous tall grasses. These grasses were the hit that we were almost at the peak. Honestly, I was not that pumped up because it was like I’ve been there for the nth time but the experience was always different.

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Tall Grasses. This means we are almost there!

We came across mountaineers in the peak pitching their tents for camp. Sad to say, we weren’t gonna camp out because we only planned for a day trek.

After a few, we went home, hoping for a sunset but the rain showered but then again Mother Nature never failed us because we were not only given an eye-pleasing sunset but also a double rainbow when we reached the foot of Sirao.

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Just wow! Double rainbow.
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and this eye-pleasing sunset. Thanks God!


Here’s a video of our day trek:

At the end of the day, I was thankful that I decided to go on a trek that day to recreate myself from daily stress. Until next time!


12:00 nn – Gaisano Talamban

12:15 pm – Budlaan Jump off

12:30 pm – River Trekking

1:20 pm – Lunch atop Tinisik-uwang Falls

2:30 pm – Resume trek

3:30 pm – Malubog trail

5:00 pm – Sirao Peak

5:30 pm – went home


Motorcycle taxi from Talamban to Budlaan jump off – P25/each

Motorcycle taxi from Ayala Heights (Sirao exit) to JY – P60/each

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