6 Mountains for Aspiring Trekkers in Cebu

Mt. Naupa

Trekking is getting trendy nowadays. People are getting hyped up and wanting to taste the success of reaching the peak after hours of hiking. It’s really a good thing because people are getting inclined with physical fitness but some are worried with the fear of not conquering the struggles and tests of body during the intense outdoor activity. Need not to worry! Cebu has a lot to offer for aspiring trekkers who wanted to go out and explore the beauty of Mother Nature. Bonus! They are near at the city!

Here are 6 mountains for aspiring trekkers with its respective difficulty:

  1. Chalet Hills (1/9)

Chalet is located at Busay, just few kilometers from Mountain View. It is the nearest and the EASIEST hill to climb or to go in Cebu City. You don’t sweat out at Chalet, really! Usually, it is a side trip for trekkers from Mt. Babag (RCPI Towers) or an impromptu camping to escape the city.

To get to Chalet Hills, you can ride a motorcycle taxi from JY Square Mall, Lahug to Mountain View then you will have to walk through a combination of concrete and dirt road for 30 minutes passing Temple of Leah. But if you don’t want to get drenched with that 30-minute walk, you may ask the motorcycle taxi driver to get you to the Sari-sari store at foot of Chalet Hills.


  1. Lanigid Hill (1/9)

Photo by @wanderingsoulscamper

Lanigid is located at Mulao, Liloan. This 500-meter uphill offers a splendid view of surrounding mountain ranges. The trail uphill is an easy one but due to its slope, it can at least pump you up and keep your sweats flowing. The trek to the peak will just take around 15 – 25 minutes.

From North Bus terminal, you may ride a bus to Liloan Market and ride a motorcycle taxi bound for Brgy. Mulao.


  1. Mt. Naupa (2/9)

Naupa is located at Cogon, Naga. It is one of the best camping and summits in Cebu, not only for its easiness, but with the stunning 360-degree scenery and feels of nature. The hour-long trail is best described as mostly open and steep.

From Cebu City, you may ride a bus or jeepney to Tungkop, Minglanilla. Then you can ride a habal-habal to Chapel of Cogon, Naga, which is the jumpoff. It’ll take less than 15 mins to get there. When you arrive at the chapel, locals will welcome you and will ask if you would want a guide.


  1. Kan-Irag via Ayala Heights (2/9)

Mt. Kan-Irag or best known as Sirao Peak is located at Brgy. Sirao, Cebu. This peak offers 360-degrees view of the city and mountains with cold wind chills that will perfectly give a quick break away from the congested traffic and busy mood from the city.

From JY Square, Lahug, you may ride a habal2x for P75.00 each but by pair. If you’re alone, you have to pay P150. It will take around 20 minutes to get there. They will drop you off in Ayala Heights’ guard house. You may also want to ask the driver to drop you around 100 meters from the guard house to the jump off.

The jump off is easy to find since it is the only opening to the mountain from the road. By the way, if you go straight through the road, you will find the trending Celosia Flower Farm.


  1. Osmeña Peak (2/9)

Photo by: @wanderingsoulscamper

Osmena Peak is known as the highest peak in the province of Cebu (at least among the explored and recorded mountains in the island). It stands at around 1010 meters above sea level. It is located in the vicinity of Mantalungon Dalaguete that is known as the vegetable basket of Cebu due to its cold temperature that is very conducive for growing variety of vegetables. Although it is the highest peak of Cebu, it is one of the easiest when you ride a motorcycle taxi to the foot of the mountain.

To get there, you may take a bus to Mantolongon Market from Osaka Terminal, Cebu City. From there then you may ride a motorcycle taxi to the foot of the mountain.


  1. Mt. Mago (2/9)

Mt. Mago is best known for being the boundary-mountain as to it is situated at the borders of Tuburan, Carmen and Danao. The view and features of the mountains visualizes like a “Mini Pulag” that provides the prize.

Like Naupa, trail to Mago is open that requires you to prepare for the fiery heat of the sun or the heavy downpour of rain. It’s like doubling the Naupa experience and the barrier breaking milestone to go to the next level mountains.

To get there, you may ride a bus to Carmen Market at the North Bus Terminal then ride for an hour via motorcycle taxi to Brgy. Santican, the jump off.


There are numerous mountains and hills that Cebu offers and there are million chances to get out from the four corners of the room and explore the outside. Take these mountains listed above into consideration before getting into to the harder challenges. But what’s more important is you enjoy and have fun and live every moment! Also please keep in mind to observe the #LeaveNoTrace principle when trekking!

Thanks to @wanderingsoulscamper for another awesome collaboration!

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