Taste Victory at the Muffin Peak, Mt. Bocaue

bocaue peak

The fruit of achievement is sweeter when being added with efforts and perseverance.

NCR Trekkers had its monthly trek at Mt. Bocaue located at Bonbon, Cebu City. Mt Bocaue is part of Babag Mountain Range. There are lots of trail to get there but the club chose to take the Napo – 5 Towers Trail.

It’s actually an exploratory climb because no one has ever been to Bocaue except for @wanderingsoulscamper who went there last year but he nearly forgot the trail.



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Assembly Place: Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Guadalupe, Cebu City

Bocaue is located in the proximity of Babag Range which is one of the nearest mountains to trek in Cebu City.

We had our laid back assembly at Guadalupe Church at supposedly 7 am but some arrived very late as 9:30 AM, and I’m one of them haha.

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NCR Trekkers preparing for the trek at Brgy. Napo, Guadalupe, Cebu City

We rode a motorcycle taxi to the jump off at Brgy. Napo, Guadalupe, Cebu City. We then had the usual routine before each climb – Prayer and warm-up exercise. The climb was estimated to take 4 to 5 hours so we really need to have some kick ass warm up.



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Same trail going to Mt. Babag and Mt. Bocaue

The weather was fine and the mood was perfect for another challenging trek. I volunteered to be the sweeper because I wanted to be an introvert that time. Automatically, I was the time keeper and pace keeper.

The first part of the trail is the same trail going to Mt. Babag where narrow road and trails are established for the living locals. Everything seemed nice, clear and really good trek until we turned left into something wild and really unestablished ascent trail to the 5 towers.

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Junction to Mt. Bocaue

Good thing we had our arm sleeves to protect our ever feeling elegant skins haha. The real struggles of the adventure then started.

The trail is generally a steep ascent that will make your legs and knees tremble, that’s why we had more breaks on the course of the trek. One unique thing that you will feel in Napo-Bocaue trek is the feeling of a step by step milestones.

There are few landmarks that will serve as markers that you’re one step closer to the Muffin Peak, not to mention the 5 towers. But passing 5 towers does not mean the trek’s almost done, but at least, it means you’re halfway!

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Power nap after lunch!

It was 10 minutes after noon that we had our sumptuous C1 spicy lunch at a green canopy, just few steps after the 3rd tower. The forest’s shade and wind is so relaxing that we had to take a nap for almost an hour.



 After that power nap, it’s time to resume our trek because we are not even half yet! So we have to double time and agreed to have 5 minutes break only for every 30 minutes’ trek.

We reached the 4th then the 5th tower and the trail blaze begun. We were some kind of lost because we went through a really thick bush with really unestablished trail. It’s nearly comparable to walking in the dark because you can’t see much because of the leaves and vines and the there’s almost no visible trail.

Luckily, we were able to get back on track.

We trekked, trekked, trekked and trekked through high ascents and thick forests until we arrived at some tall grass fields. The strong wind refreshed us from enervation. Fortunately, we also found a local’s house where some of the gents went there to ask for some water. After 30 minutes, they went back happily with refilled water bottles and a handful of dragon fruit given by the kind and hospitable local.



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Trail to Mt. Bocaue

 We were reinvigorated with that longer rest and the tasty dragon fruit. We had to double time because it’s almost 4 pm and we’re not yet at the Muffin Peak. We decided not to take the 5-minute rest rule anymore and push beyond our limits.

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Last high ascent to the Muffin Peak!

Marching to the rhythm of one drum, together we slowly surpassed leaps and bounds throughout the forests and ascent trails when nature uncover it’s STUNNING and overlooking beauty that got us pumping up. No steep trail can prevent us from being astonished and got us excited to reach the summit because the prize that awaits is outstanding.



I guess it’s called Muffin Peak not only because of its shape that looks like an enormous cupcake, but because the feeling that one can attain when reaching the peak is like eating a world-class muffin. Very heavenly, the breath of fresh air, the strong winds was so rejuvenating and a feeling of accomplishment with the 360-degrees view at the top.

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Oh what a beautiful world, indeed

We pitched our camps and prepared our dinner after we celebrated victory.



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Camping atop Muffin Peak

 The hush of strong wind and rain were frequent since we reached the summit. Our tents were doubled with pegs and ties to ensure that it will not fly away.

During the night, the rain showered and we had the socials at Robert’s tent. We played few games and of course, kampaiii!! Then suddenly, wooshhh! The cold wind was too strong that unpegged the vestibule part of our tent fly and it was blown away that rain water went inside and wet my phone (the LCD is not working good now L). So we rushed to our tents and secured our things and slept.

It’s funny because I was not able to sleep well because every time the wind blew, our tent poles bend and being afraid that our tent will be destroyed (just like with my pitiful tent last Hambubuyog trip). Fortunately, the tent was not broken but the water keeps on getting inside. If you’re wondering why our tent’s was like that, we served as the wind breaker for the group and yeah, saklap. Haha.



 The blustery night had passed and good thing that everyone was unharmed but still we were wet. We had the breakfast, broke the camp and prepared for our way home.

We took the trail going to RCPI Towers, Babag then exit to Mountain View Busay.

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NCR Trekkers at the Muffin Peak

There are lot of happenings during the trek even if we were few. The trail was challenging but the memories were extraordinary, we got to know more of each other. Nevertheless, what mattered most was the exemplary experience and achievement we had during the adventure. Truly one of a kind!


Summary of Expenses:

Jeep from Ayala to Guadalupe Church – P 8.00

Motorcycle Taxi to Brgy. Napo – P 20.00/pax

Transpo from Mountain View to JY Square Mall, Lahug – P 60.00 – 75.00/pax



Day 1 –

09:30 AM – ETD Guadalupe Church to Brgy. Napo

09:45 AM – ETA Brgy. Napo

10:05 AM – Start Trek

11:09 AM – 1st Tower

11:45 AM – 2nd Tower

12:07 PM – 3rd Tower

12:10 PM – Lunch and Rest

01:00 PM – Resume Trek

03:00 PM – Manong Julian Cabornay’s house

04:00 PM – Muffin Peak!

Day 2 –

09:00 AM – Break Camp

10:00 AM – Start Trek

11:40 AM – RCPI Towers, Mt. Babag

11:45 AM – Rest at Sari-Sari Store

12:14 PM – Resume Trek

1:00 PM – JY Square Mall, Lahug

1:00 PM onwards – Part ways and Sepanx :/

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