Chasing Kandayvic and Dau Falls

dau falls

From the stormy weather we went through the previous night at Mt. Hambubuyog, comes a splendid weather for a chasing waterfalls adventure!

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Jump off to Kandayvic Falls

This time, the #adventuregrammers brought us to waterfalls in Samboan –  Kandayvic and Dau Falls. These are connected to one river system, however, Kandayvic is located above Dau Falls.

From Mt. Hambubuyog, we were fetched by the motorcycle taxis we hired the previous day. The drivers hauled us to Brgy. Suba, and we were dropped at the jump off full of corn fields to Kandayvic Falls. We hiked for a few minutes and boom! We were in Kandayvic Falls!


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Kandayvic Falls

 Kandayvic Falls is coined from “Kang Inday Marivic”, being named after the wife of the town’s incumbent mayor. It looks like a mini-Cancalanog Falls because of its canyon like structure with cold water, but not that cold. It has rocks for jumping, but no diving because the water is shallow. Kandayvic Falls shows an important role in this river system because this is the source of Dau Falls.

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@JumzChino and @TonyEricson15 swimming at Kandayvic Canyon

Photo Courtesy from @thelakwatsero of me floating at Kandayvic:


We spent almost an hour enjoying the waters of Kandayvic and went to Dau Falls.


After the refreshing dip of Kandayvic Falls comes another 30-minute sweaty trek to Dau Falls. Actually, none of us were sure on how to get there from Kandayvic so it’s kind of a trail blaze. We went up and down through a single trail, corn fields and grass fields and boom! We found Dau Falls at afar. Luckily, after few minutes, we came across to some locals and they helped us go to Dau.


 Dau Falls is also located in Brgy. Suba, Samboan. This is said to be the tallest waterfall in Samboan. This requires a river trek, before reaching to the falls itself.

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@JumzChino going to Dau Falls. Photo by: @tonyericson15

The wet and slippery rocks and steep ascent reminded us to be careful. Good thing bamboo railings were established to help us not to slid off. After 20 minutes, we finally witnessed the awe of Dau Falls.

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Dau Falls, Samboan. Photo by: @tonyericson15

Like a Magikarp that wiggle wobble, all of us got excited and enjoyed the waterfalls itself.


You know, I’m an eater, even though I’m not fat, but I’m getting there haha. I easily get starved and I feel weak when I can’t eat or at least drink water. It’s past 12 noon when we departed Dau Falls without having lunch yet. Yohoo! Good to know we still have 2 cans of Tuna and I opened one of it and ate like I’ve never eaten since 48 years. Lol. My friends also ate the other can and the remaining trail foods while on the way to the road.

Gigutom bitaw ko. haha. Photo by: @jumzchino

After 20 minutes, we arrived Brgy. Suba-Dau Falls entrance. There’s a store and finally, cold water to drink! We called a motorcycle cab and rode to the highway. Finally we had our lunch and went home to Cebu City right after.

We truly deserved this chasing waterfalls after the storm we surpassed at Mt. Hambubuyog. Brings out the fish within us when we were at the waters. These waterfalls are truly recommended! Till the next waterfalls to chase!

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