Rejuvenate with Cancalanog Falls


A quench of ice cold water splashing to your lifeless body revives the soul that will make you happy.

Cancalanog Falls, Alegria, Cebu, one of the best waterfalls I’ve been so far in Cebu Province that one will feel peace and rejuvenation.

Cancalanog Falls and me trying to strike out a pose! lol!

This falls also being blessed by great sculpture where its scenery is simply beautiful that will make you feel like a grandiose paradise. The breath of fresh air, the icy cold waters, the beautiful scenery of the canyon, the sound of the waterfalls, Ughh A perfect vacation with nature!


From Cebu City, one can take bus from the South Bus Terminal to the Municipality of Alegria. You may disembark to Sangi, Alegria to ride a motorcycle taxi or at the SunXi Market for you to do some last minute buy. However, SunXi Market is a bit far to Cancalanog thus expect for more expensive fare.

It’s gonna be 25-minute ride to the jump off of Cancalanog Falls. There’s a house where you suppose to register but in our case, the caretaker did not let us register anymore since were just few.

There’s only one trail for a 20-minute walk to the falls that will give much reward when you will take a dip to the majestic waterfalls.


Fly like a bird and take a dip on the icy cold water!

After that, yeah a bit tiresome walk, it’s time for you to be refreshed, alive and feel the power of relaxation Cancalanog brings. The actual falls is not that high, but its surroundings make it one of the best! If you haven’t tried Canyoneering in Badian because of tight budget, well this is one best resort! It’s actually a small waterfall canyon but a standout because there are only few people that comes that will really let you enjoy the place and of course, the beauty itself is already a bonus! I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Always, always relaxing to float amidst this pool!
Striking another pose in the heavenly forest in Cancalanog

If you want somewhere peaceful and refreshing, add Cancalanog Falls in your list and it is always worth the distance and the weariness! There are many waterfalls worthy for a chase, that means I have plenty of work to do and I’m excited to share it with you! This is my first blog post about Waterfalls, by the way! Lol!

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