Kandungaw – Dancing with the Mountains

kandungaw peak


Mini-peak next to the tall Kandungaw

NCR Trekkers once proved again the strength and willingness to spread LNT Principle amidst the heat of the sun and the rage of the rain at Kandungaw, Maloray, Dalaguete, Cebu last May 21-22, 2016.


Kandungaw Peak is part of the Mantolongon Range where the famous Osmeña Peak is also found. What differs Kandungaw from the others is its high ascent and astounding cliff drop off that is too good to see but too dangerous to be reckless.

DAY 1 –


The club assembled at Osaka Terminal, Cebu City. This is the bus station that has only one stop, Mantalongon Market, Dalaguete, from the city. You may also ride here if you want to go to Osmeña Peak. Usually, bus departs every hour but will immediately leave if it will be full. Fare is P100.  We left around 7:30 am and it took around 2 hours and 30 mins to the market from the terminal.


We arrived around 10 am at the Market and we had our last minute buy for our food and some stuffs. There we also arranged habal-habal drivers for us to reach Maloray, Dalaguete. We then had our lunch at some eatery and likewise prepared ourselves.

Around 12 noon, we disembarked from the Mantalongon Market to Maloray, Dalaguete, the jump off to Kandungaw.


Dusty Ride going to Maloray, Dalaguete, Cebu

Going there means bracing yourself from a bumpy and dusty ride because some are unfinished road and are steep. Good thing some are also clean that would let you enjoy the vast and limitless astonishing view of the mountains.



We arrived at Maloray Jump Off and had our registration. Also, we had the club’s must-haves before climbing up – Prayer and Warm up!

Quarter to 1 PM, we started the trek! This is it pancit!



Start of the 199 footstep-stairs to Kandungaw


What could be more surprising that the first part of the trail to Kandungaw is a 199-step stairs with steep slope that really would test the strength of your leg power? It’s comparable with the direct assault of Mt. Mago yet by stairs.



Ascent trail to Kandungaw
Ryan, co-member of the club, resting while waiting the others and enjoying the view.

The trail is mostly rocky and steep but is rewarded by the overlooking view from the other side. It takes 1-2 hours, depends on your phasing, to reach the peak.




Stunning Kandungaw Peak


After that leg-breaking trek, we can now be amazed and hyped up with the beauty and stunning look of Kandungaw Peak and its neighborhood mountains. We totally forgot the pain and enervation of the climb and chose to enjoy and seize the moment in Kandungaw. We were laughing, jumping and like dancing and felt the spirit of the mountains. It’s one of a kind!


Taken from the neighboring peak of Kandungaw
Locals joined us during our trek to Kandungaw

We also went up to its neighboring peak to have different viewpoint of the spectacular scenery nature could offer.



Bird’s eye view of the campsite between rocky mountains

The campsite is found between the Rocky Mountains which is cool because it looks like we are guarded by the great mother nature. However, in reality, it will be a water basin if rain pours down. We were lucky enough that the heavy rain poured when we started the trek on the next day and not during camping.


DAY 2 –


All wet while dancing in the rain going to Sohoton, Badian

We had our last moments with Kandungaw before getting ready to traverse through Mantalongon Range going to Sohoton, Badian when the heavy rain suddenly poured down. Some of us then wore their raincoats, some had their umbrellas and some just danced with the rain.

Living with the moment in Kandungaw

Luckily, half the trail, the rain stopped and the weather is cloudy, we were able to enjoy moments and the stunning view of Badian. It’s even my first time to know Badian Island exist! Lol!
One can enjoy adventuring Kandungaw even on its difficult trail because the power of nature brings refreshing feel and makes you live the moment and makes you be thankful that you exist in a beautiful world. Let us all learn and educate ourselves of the #LNTPrinciple (Leave No Trace Principle) if we wished to live in an environment like this on the future. Don’t wait for the others, start doing it by yourself!

Summary of Itinerary

Day 1 –

07:20 AM – ETD Osaka Terminal

10:00 AM – ETA Mantalongon Market

12:05 PM – ETD from Mantalongon Market to Maloray

12:30 PM – ETA Maloray (jump off), Registration, Pre-climb activities

12:45 PM – Start Trek

02:00 PM – Kandungaw Peak

02:30 PM – Pitch Camp

3:00 PM onwards – enjoyed the mountains, dinner, socials

Day 2 –

9:40 AM – break camp

01:15 PM – ETA Sohoton, Badian for Lunch

03:00 PM – ETD Sohoton, Badian to Town

4:00 PM – ETA Badian Centro

Summary of Expenses


  • Bus from Osaka to Mantalongon Market – P100/pax
  • Habal-habal from Market to Maloray (jump off) – P80-100/pax
  • Habal-habal from Sohoton, Badian to Badian Centro – P60
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