Mt. Mago – Push the Boundaries

Climbing up to Mt. Mago

Trekking under the scorching heat of the sun to the steep uphill mountains comes a great achievement of once again proved to push our boundaries!

Last weekend (April 30-May 1, 2016), NCR Trekkers Club had its second batch of open-to-all climb at Mt. Mago, Tuburan, Danao, Carmen, Cebu. Three places right? This mountain is located within the boundaries of three municipalities in North Cebu. So it’s pretty cool that you are in THREE PLACES at the same time!

This is my first time joining the trek even though I joined the club last January this year. It’s pretty exciting as I brought along with me a fellow adventuregrammer, @neverbeendan, as guest.

Day 1 –

Travelling to Carmen Market

Assembly started at 7:30 AM at North Bus Terminal and departed at approximately an hour after. Going to Carmen Market took around 2 hours via Mini Bus. It’s pretty darn hot, I guess a 35 degrees Celsius.  We had our last buy at the market, including our lunch.

Long Motor Ride to the Jump Off

After we had our last buy, we rode habal2x from the Market to Brgy. Santican for 1 long hour. It’s literally a pain in our butt because mostly are rough road. Actually I had muscle pains because of that ride! However, the view from the farms of the Lhullier is rewarding.

Group Photo before the Fiery Trek! Photo by: AJ

Brgy. Santican, Carmen

We arrived at the Brgy. Hall of Santican around 11:45 AM and we took first our lunch. We had juicy lechon manok and puso which we bought from the market that filled our stomachs. Also, the IDs were distributed, pre-camp briefing and reminders, especially the LEAVE NO TRACE PRINCIPLE. We also had our prayer and warm up before we started the trek.

Start of the Trek under the Heat of the Sun

The trail to Mago is mostly grassy thus it does not have tree shades for us to rest. It has but a few. We started the trek at 1 PM, all covered up to protect from the heat of the sun. Some used even umbrellas.

To the describe the mountains, it’s a steep up and down hill, beautifying with the brownish grass (because it’s summer) and a stunning view from the adjacent mountains. It’s often so-called as a Mini-Pulag because of the grassy feature of the mountain. However, the grasses there were not tall, like Mt. Pulag, and the weather is extremely hot. The most challenging part of the trail is from the foot to the campsite.

We often had rests when we find single tree shades that took us around 2 hours going to the foot of Mt. Mago. Luckily, there’s a bigger shade at the foot and we had a longer rest before going to the peak.

Around 3:30 PM, we went up, REALLY UP, to the campsite.

It is very STEEP. It requires strong foundation from the legs and foot, else you will roll down to the foot.  The extremely steep straight trail without any to hold will surely test your boundaries.

Camp Site

Finally, we had the campsite where the boundary from the three municipalities are located. Some camped on the side of Tuburan, some are in Carmen and others are in Danao. I was in Danao. It’s pretty cool to be in that campsite.

Mt. Mago Peak

It’s around 4 PM when we decided to go up to the peak to enjoy the view and of course, achieve the peak.

It’s not that what you expect like on other mountains that you’ll get a 360-degree view. The peak is actually has burnt grass. They explained that farmers burn the grass after harvesting crops to replenish the soil and prepare for the next season of planting.

Overnight – Camping, Socials, FUN!

After enjoying the peak, we went down back to the campsite and started preparing dinner and enjoyed the company. We by the way had three groups and had our dinner by group.

Dinner time!

Dinner time! Photo by: AJ

We had the socials after dinner and everyone got to introduce themselves to the group.

After then, game time!

The Socials! Photo by: Norman

We had fun on playing Werewolf Game! And it’s hard to explain, I might write a separate blog on this. It’s deceptive yet super fun!

We slept around 12:30 AM after enjoying the game.

Day 2 – Sidetrip to Mangitngit Falls and Going Home

The morning mostly, we had breakfast and going down back to the campsite. So I won’t describe it as to we took the same trail as to what we have yesterday.

We had a fast trek going down and took only an hour while others were slow might due to exhaustion under the heat of the sun. We had the chance to rest near the Brgy. Hall of Santican.

Around 10 AM, we had departed to our sidetrip to Mangitngit Falls Resort – separate article to be published soon!

We spent the lunch and had a chance to refresh ourselves in the waters and travelled back home at 2:30 PM.

Overall, it was a challenging, fun and amazing experience as my first together with NCR Trekkers. Words can’t describe the experience I had.

Till next time!

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