Part 1: First Major Climb in Mt. Pulag

2922 masl, 13 hrs of trek to Summit via Tawangan Trail and 3 hrs going down via Ambangeg Trail, 13 kgs load, 3rd highest mountain of the Philippines, 2 days and a night, 1 big achievement. Not bad for my FIRST MAJOR climb!

Mt. Pulag is known with its sea of clouds being shared by lots of trekkers and photo enthusiast. Also, it is the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. There are three trails going to summit, ambangeg, tawangan and akiki. Ambangeg is the easiest, shortest and commercialized trail, akiki is the hardest and tawangan is mid-difficult yet long. That time akiki trail is closed so we took Tawangan.

Tawangan trail starts from Tawangan, Kabayan, Benguet, 2 hrs from Kabayan Town, Benguet via truck. It’s a jungle, with rivers and mini-falls, mountain ridges, tall trees and a lot more. Usually, the trail takes 6 hours from the jump off to the camp site. However, in our case, we took 10 hours! Yes! 10 hours. Our phase is slow which explains.

Day 1 – Exhausting Travel

We arrived at NAIA at 5:30 am and directly headed to Victory Liner’s bus going to Baguio City. The bus departed at 7:15 am and took 7 hours to arrive at Baguio. T’was really a tiring ride. We then went to SM Baguio to do our last minute shopping before going to Benguet. 4 pm we proceeded to Slaughter terminal hoping we can ride the last trip to Kabayan, Benguet. Luckily, we were able to make it! The last trip departed at 5pm and took almost 4 hours to get to Poblacion, Kabayan. It was already silent and the houses were close when we arrived there. We headed to the Police station and asked if we can camp outside but we were recommended to stay at the Pinecone Lodge, the only motel in the town for travellers. So we stayed for P300 per person for a night. The surrounding is cold. The motel didn’t even need an AC because the town is really cold. Around 10 pm, we slept and that ends day 1.

Summary of Day 1 so far…

05:40 – Arrival Manila from Cebu, head for Bus Terminal

07:15 – ETD Manila to Baguio City

14:30 – ETA Baguio City, Last Buy for supplies at SM Baguio

16:00 – Proceed to Slaughter Terminal, Boarded Vhire for Kabayan Town

17:00 – ETD Baguio for Kabayan

20:45 – ETA Poblacion, Kabayan. Spend Night

Continuation of the Series: Part 2: Mt. Pulag – Registration and Funny Sidetrip to Ambulalacao Lake

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