Quick Escape to Mt. Kan-Irag

 Wanted to take a quick break away from the congested traffic and busy mood in the city? Wanted to feel the fresh air and be in touch with nature? Wanted to do all these but don’t want to go very far? Trekking to Mt. Kan-irag via Busay is the answer!

Located 18.8 km (Google) from Lahug, Cebu City via Transcentral Highway.

There are two known trails that trekkers take when going to Mt. Kan-irag. First is from Budlaan, Talamban and second is from Sirao. Usually, people take Budlaan trail up to Mt. Kan-irag then take Sirao upon going down.

Budlaan trail usually take 2-3 hours of river and mountain trek while the other trail just takes 10-15 minutes.

Since our plan is to chill out and have a quick escape from the #reality, let’s take the easiest.


How to get here?

From JY Square, Lahug, you may ride a habal2x for P75.00 each but by pair. If you’re alone, you have to pay P150. It will take around 20 minutes to get there. They will drop you off in Ayala Heights’ guard house. You may also want to ask the driver to drop you around 100 meters from the guard house to the jump off.

The jump off is easy to find since it is the only opening to the mountain from the road. By the way, if you go straight through the road, you will find the trending Celosia Flower Farm.

For 10-15 minutes you will take the only trail up to the peak from the jump off. First part will be like “Pangako Sayo” trees scenery, then a field of crops, then a bushy semi-assault trail. You get to know when you’re near the peak is that you’ll arrive on a field tall grasses. Just in a few, you’ll be at the peak!

Enjoy the breathtaking scene of the city from the left and eye-pleasing scene of the mountains from the right.

Photo credits to: Joseph Bensig

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