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Mt. Naupa

Let your jaws drop by the stunning and vibrant feeling of nature that each individual longs for.

Mt. Naupa is simply best for beginners for an hour-long and easy trek. This is also one of the best camping site in Cebu with the splendid 360-degree scenery. Don’t forget to include the breezy wind that will let you breathe with glamour. But! Make sure to prepare for the blistering heat of the sun or the raging rain shower because the trail is quite open and modestly scaling. This is also one of the nearest trekking destination in Cebu.

That is the real peak of Mt. Naupa. We were not advised by the locals to go there because of the creepy stories and snakes. But yeah, I wanted to reach next time around!

The highest peak of Naupa is on the other side and that is clearly visible. But it would require more time and effort in going there. I could not describe it because I haven’t been there 🙂 but stories from the locals clearly conveys that the trail is not that established and you will pass through thick vegetation. And what’s more interesting is, locals say that the surrounding is creepy and snakes are common.


Naupa is situated at Brgy. Cogon, City of Naga. There are few means of transportation going to City of Naga like riding a bus from the South Bus Terminal, riding a jeepney or even riding a taxi! Lol! Disembark at Tungkop, Minglanilla because usually motorcycle taxi drivers stay at that junction. You can then ride one going to Chapel of Cogon, Naga, which is the jump off. Worry not, as most of the drivers already know where the jump off is.

Upon reaching the chapel, locals will welcome you and will ask if you want a guide. Though, it’s your prerogative to get one because it’s not mandatory (as of writing), but I would recommend to get one specially if it’s your first time visiting the place. And in that way, you can also help the locals for their living 🙂

I’m at the top of Naupa’s camp site


Kid having the #perfectChildhood


Downhill trek from the peak. Oops! Careful not to roll down!


If you want a quick escape from the congested city, climb to Naupa and be refreshed by God’s amazing creation!



Motorcycle Taxi – P50/each

Guide Tip- P100 (your prerogative)

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